Invest With Flexibility

AVANA CUSO affords you the ability to negotiate flexible terms and competitive interest rates with no pre-payment penalty utilizing the credit union industry as an alternative lender.



  • Extensia targets $2-15 million average loan sizes.
  • Competitive rates: starting at 4.25%
  • We offer:
    • 25 and 30 year amortizations
    • Maximum LTV at 75%
    • Minimum DSCR 1.25x
  • Flexible terms:
    • 5 year fixed
    • 5+5
    • Other combinations available
  • No pre-payment penalty

Service Expectations


    • Extensia partners the borrowers with credit union lenders to successfully finance their investment opportunities.
    • At Extensia we clearly communicate expectations and manage the process so that together we can fully execute our deliverables seamlessly and efficiently.

Value of Working with a Credit Union


  • Leveraging the credit unions community mindset, Extensia provides local credit union lenders opportunities to invest in their communities.



  • Through Extensia’s wide range of services we can tailor solutions to each and every investment opportunity, no matter if it’s the refinance of an individual loan or an entire portfolio.

“We have built an exceptional relationship with Extensia (AVANA CUSO) through three buildings and 11 years. This company is my ‘go to’ for commercial loans.”

– Joel Orr

Yancey Properties LLC