Credit Marker Monday

Knowledge | February 2021

Extensia Financial is very proud to present our 10-part series, Credit Marker Monday, which features expert guidance on assessing credit risk from Matt Hunt, Payal Bhatia, Sadaf Gill, Chrystelle Mae Quioyo, and John Schroeder!

Loan Risk Management During a Downturn: A Calculated Science, Part 3

Knowledge | June 2020

Service organizations that work well in commercial lending utilize all tools available to mitigate risk, especially in preparation for any potential economic downturns. Extensia has this proficiency finely honed. We know how to mitigate risk, diversify portfolios, and analyze trends.

Loan Risk Management During a Downturn: A Calculated Science, Part 2

Knowledge | June 2020

As a credit union service organization (CUSO), Extensia helps credit unions navigate the intricacies of commercial real estate lending, and risk diversification is an important part of what we do. Examining the data, trends, and options make our risk management recommendations analytical, methodical and systematic.

Loan Risk Management During a Downturn: A Calculated Science, Part 1

Knowledge | June 2020

Part of our job here at Extensia Financial—a very significant part—is to help our partners navigate the complex matter of risk management. This is one of the many functions a credit union service organization (CUSO) performs. In the midst of the current public health and economic crisis, we are fielding quite a few calls pertaining to the lack of property rental income.

How To Choose A Participation Partner

Knowledge | May 2020

Now more than ever credit unions are recognizing the importance of a well-diversified loan portfolio to mitigate risk while growing loans to maximize member value. But how do credit unions diversify and grow loans when bound by SEG-based or community membership charters? Participation loans are a convenient and cost-effective way to grow loan balances with quality assets,

How Will Interest Rates Factor Into Our Election-Year Future?

by Richard Caldwell | March 2020

Every major election year brings to the forefront excited discussion on important civic, social, and financial topics. Monetarily, we all expect—with increased attentiveness—more short term interest rate adjustments to greet our doorstep in 2020; some before and some after voting results get tallied. Let’s take a look together at factors that may instigate rate change this year.