The Commercial Real Estate Loan Process Explained

Extensia Financial Assists Through the Full Lifecycle of the Commercial Loan Approval Process The commercial real estate loan process is more complex than a residential loan. Extensia Financial, one of the nation’s most seasoned commercial lenders funding loans up to...

The Importance of a Commercial Inspection

Commercial Property Inspections are an Essential Step in Closing a Sale As a commercial real estate lender, Extensia Financial has funded countless commercial real estate loans of varying scope and scale. With each of these loans, one of the most essential steps is...

Credit Marker Monday

Knowledge | February 2021

Extensia Financial is very proud to present our 10-part series, Credit Marker Monday, which features expert guidance on assessing credit risk from Matt Hunt, Payal Bhatia, Sadaf Gill, Chrystelle Mae Quioyo, and John Schroeder!