Extensia Financial rolls out new Community Involvement Program, allowing employees the opportunity to give back to their communities in a meaningful way. Extensia Financial Employees will be able to use up to eight hours of paid volunteer time each quarter to support nonprofits.  The timing of implementing this program is a coincidence, however during the current pandemic, charitable organizations need volunteers now more than ever.

The Community Involvement Program aligns with the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People” and recognizes that community involvement is important to the quality of life for Extensia Financial team members.  By volunteering time and talents, Extensia aims to help employees make local communities a better place to live and work.  For this reason, Extensia has established the Community Involvement Program in which all regular employees are able to participate in volunteer activities.

“This is really awesome and I look forward to volunteering in my local community through this program”.

— Jason Fobbs, Business Development Officer, North Carolina.

“For me, based upon my nonprofit experience, as well as overseeing similar programs while working for credit unions, I am overjoyed that Extensia has put this program in place.  Giving back to our local communities brings joy to our hearts which in turns makes our employees feel good, and ultimately makes them more committed employees.  In addition, it further aligns our credit union service organization (CUSO) with the overarching credit union philosophy of “people helping people” and we certainly look forward to working with our credit union partners on upcoming volunteer opportunities.”

Natalie Yanez, CUDE, Credit Union Relationship Manager

Extensia Financial offers two opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community. 

  • Paid Community Service Time: During Work Hours

Employees will have the opportunity to utilize eight hours of paid community service time per quarter to participate in volunteer activities during normal business hours.

  • Community Service Time: Outside Work Hours

In addition to Paid Community Service Time, Extensia encourages employees to volunteer during their own time, on an unpaid basis, understanding that not all volunteer opportunities occur during business hours.

For information regarding volunteer opportunities: Visit https://www.volunteermatch.org/ or your local community foundation or United Way.