Extensia Financial is proud our team includes some of the most seasoned and service-oriented CUSO professionals in the industry. In our first installment of “Lending a Helping Hand,” we’re honored to introduce to you a newer staffer, one who has been in the financial industry for 25+ years. Extensia’s Credit Union Relationship Officer Amy Miller exudes not only decades of honed expertise but also a clear-cut dedication to helping credit unions and their members become more successful.

As our Credit Union Relationship Officer, Amy supports our 150+ credit union partnerships across the United States. In addition, she establishes new relationships and onboards them into the Extensia family. One of Amy’s specialties is making that partnership more personable, so credit unions get the commercial lending products and support they need to grow as they see fit.

Amy has been with us now for just under six months, and as thrilled as we are to have her on our team, she shares that sentiment, saying: “I’m big on people helping people. The company’s value of putting people first drew me and aligns with what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years. I felt like I could make a contribution to the local communities in which the credit unions are located.”

Given Extensia’s vast portfolio, there’s a definite community contribution. And those assets are only growing thanks to her hard work and credit unions seeing the vast impact of a partnership with Extensia.

That impact is a direct result of not only our incredibly talented team members but also how they work together to better serve CUs. It all starts with Amy personally collaborating with a credit union and advising on ways to strategically diversify their portfolio. Then, the rest of our team gets to work servicing those preferred loans, all with our unique white-glove approach.

“[The credit unions are] benefiting from our collective knowledge and expertise that we bring to the table,” says Amy. “Our credit team is very seasoned and knowledgeable and has a solid understanding of the markets across the US. They are instrumental in mitigating risk.”

And we understand that risk is of particular concern right now as credit unions assess and plan for an uncertain 2023. With that in mind, part of Amy’s focus is getting a clear understanding of CUs’ strategic planning for the new year and helping them determine the asset class they need most in their portfolio, whether that be retail, multi-family, office space, warehouses, etc. Then, we work to meet the CUs’ own underwriting guidelines – not the other way around.

That’s really a key point of difference with Extensia Financial. With a mission to deliver “Capital for a Better Tomorrow,” we don’t force credit unions to conform to our processes and expectations. We work as a team with them to ensure a mutually beneficial, smooth and long-term partnership that ultimately helps credit unions better support their members and local communities.

As Amy says, “Everyone at Extensia is great at building best-in-class relationships and making it a personable experience. I believe that makes a huge difference in our industry. It’s not all business with us. No partnership is just a transaction.”

And that’s what makes Extensia Financial the best CUSO out there.

Please join us in welcoming Amy to our team and celebrating her contributions to credit unions across the country. If you’re a credit union and would like to learn more about partnering with us, please contact Amy at amy.miller@avanacompanies or 623-552-3846.