Closing the Year Strong

In a year of unprecedented change, the AVANA Family of Companies has had a tremendous year serving our client’s needs in our core industries. We have been especially pleased with the number of projects we have contributed to in the clean and renewable energy space....

Credit Matters: September 2021

Innovative Credit Unions are adding solar energy investments into their portfolio, taking advantage of the higher yields, longer terms, and stable investment opportunities.   Sector Growth. The energy sector is accelerating from a fossil fuel-dominated industry...

AVANA Values: Why ESG Investing Matters

As society becomes more socially and environmentally conscious with the pressure of climate change abounding and calls for social change, greater equity, and inclusion prominent in public discourse, there has been a steady rise in media coverage and consumer demand...

Credit Matters: June 2021

Extensia Financial Appoints New Leadership for Optimal Growth New operational team will support origination of quality loan investment opportunities for credit union stakeholders. Extensia Financial is pleased to welcome new members to its executive team, bringing a...

Credit Matters: May 2021

Dear Credit Union Partners: There is a lot to be thankful for this month. People are getting vaccinated, pandemic restrictions are lessening, and schools, offices, and public spaces are opening back up. The anchors of our community, small businesses offering on-site...

Credit Matters: April 2021

Dear Credit Union Partners: As we enter the second quarter of 2021 with optimism for economic recovery and embrace our warmer spring weather, Extensia Financial and AVANA Companies aim to share new projects with you to increase your volume of high-quality lending...

Preserver – Q1 2021

Newsletters | April 2021

Community Impact and Sustainable Economic Growth Through 504 Loans

Credit Matters: March 2021

Dear Credit Union Partners: The beginning of 2021 has been productive within AVANA Companies as we have worked diligently to remedy the past-due ATLRs that were identified when our new relationship with Extensia Financial began. Together, the teams at AVANA and...

Credit Matters: February 2021

Dear Credit Union Partners: It has been a pleasure to work with you and get to know many of you over the past few months as we work to fine-tune our credit and servicing processes under the recently combined credit team. AVANA Companies and Extensia Financial are hard...

Preserver – Q4 2020

Newsletters | December 2020

Reflecting upon the past year, the AVANA Companies and our clients have faced unparalleled challenges and uncertainties as we navigated the pandemic and economic crisis together. The resiliency of our team and our loyal clients was tested, and we remain humble and committed to our clients, our team, and our communities.

Preserver – Q3 2020

Newsletters | September 2020

We are at a crossroads in the renewable energy sector with a great opportunity for exponential growth in infrastructure development and available financing solutions. In this quarter’s Preserver article, we discuss two of the currently available government lending programs most commonly used for renewable energy projects and what we see as major trends in the renewable energy industry in the years to come.

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